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Edad: 26 Altura: 176 Peso: 57
Senos: 3 Europeo Marrón
My name Lora, happy to see you are reading my profile. I am a young girl, 26 age who loves traveling, immersed in romantic movies, enthralled with books, sipped a glass of wine in a soap bath and made art in the moonlight with the man of destiny beside to me. Maybe you are chuckling because I'm a young girl who likes to dream. But I love it because I am myself. I may not give you hot sex with many profectional services. But if you are a gentleman, politely need a sweet and elegant girl to enjoy a romantic night with you,I will be the right person for you. ? Don’t worry and hesitate if you intend to choose me for a date! If you really want to meet a good girl, be a good man first. How my heart to giving you is depends on you. Can you give me a chance make you to forget about this world? ❤️

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  • 1 hora 7000
  • 2 horas no
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  • Edad 26
  • Altura 176
  • Peso 57
  • Senos 3